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Save Money For Your Business With A Wine Tap System

More and more bars, restaurants, sports and music venues, and wineries are now shifting from the old traditional bottle wine system to the wine tap system, which is a great choice to make. Why switch to a wine tap system? Because this is the most cost-effective way of serving the customers in real-time and overall a quicker service. If you wonder why your business should shift from the traditional bottled wine system to the new tap system, please keep reading to understand the benefits and requirements of the latest technology.


Tap wine systems work in a similar way to that of a draft beer system. When you pull the top handle, the gas pressure will force the kegged liquid (wine) to ease out of the keg valve through the plastic tubing to the faucet. And now the wine in the faucet directly dispenses into your glass, ready for drinking! Wine tap technology is one of the best systems that reduce the waste of wine or any other beverage in large percentages. Tap wine systems are so needed in today’s restaurant and bar industry to save money and provide a fast service to your customers.

Get Your Wine On Draft From The Best Draft Service

Kane Draft Service is a wine on draft company that specializes in wine-on tap and beer draft services. We always intend to provide the most high-quality service at the most competitive price range. What do we mean by a high-quality wine tap system for home? It simply means a clean, professional, friendly, and customer-oriented service that is mainly structured to cater to commercial businesses and homes like restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, and any other wine or beer enthusiast. Our process doesn’t involve any third-party interference, which means we always work with our customers directly. And our wine on draft is something our customers have relied on for fast and easy to use drink dispensing.


No matter your needs and requirements, we clearly understand our scope of work in your business. We also know that our involvement in your business will directly affect your business efficiency and operations, which is why we always make sure that our service will always keep you running smooth and fast to serve the best beverages to your clientele. Your customers’ happiness is as important as your happiness is to us. Our wine tap system for home team goes a step further to ensure your business gets all its needs met, so you can focus on your customers.

Get The Best Installation, Service and Maintenance For Your Wine Draft System

Are you running a commercial business that needs to update from traditional bottled wine service to a new wine draft system?  Are you aiming  to improve efficiency and customer service? In that case, you must give us a call to learn more about our services. Whether you want to install a wine draft system or want a service to maintain your old one, we are always here for you – which means you can always count on us to give the best service to your business.