Kane's Draft Service

Coffee On Draft For Commercial Businesses

Kegged cold brew coffee is something that everyone loves to have on their way to work or chilling with friends. And the good thing is that coffee on draft can save so much time and effort for the coffee shops. Brewing a cup of coffee at home is not a big deal at all. We stand before the coffee machine and press the “on” button to brew the coffee. But this may not be the case in the business space. Having your staff trying to brew coffee for each customer can be time-consuming and cumbersome. So, the best way is to brew the cold coffee and keep it on tap for the customers to serve themselves. If coffee on draft is on your planning list, contact Kane Draft Service soon. 

Kombucha On Tap - The Popular Choice

Kombucha is becoming a popular choice among people in their 20s-50s. And with more and more restaurants opting to serve this drink, the technology of serving kombucha on tap is becoming the new norm among commercial business owners. So, how does kombucha on tap work? 

The process works through forced carbonation and draft technology. Serving kombucha through taps or even storing kombucha in kegs has a lot of positive benefits, including the promotion of environmental friendliness, and also impacts higher cost efficiency in the business game. The tap system works by kegging the drink and then serving it through the faucet attached to the keg.   

Unlike the traditional bottled service where the kombucha is stored in the bottle, kegs will allow more kombucha to be held at once. And just like the draft beer process works, the kombucha system runs the same way. So, whatever that you need regarding the kombucha service, you can always contact our draft kombucha team for all your inquiries. Our kombucha tap team is known for its customer-oriented service, and we promise to keep you as our priority. 

A Kombucha Tap System and Its Benefits

What are the benefits of a kombucha tap system?

  • Kombucha stored in the kegs is an excellent source of probiotics, and probiotics, as we know, will serve to aid the process of digestion and improve gut health.
  • Kombucha offers the same health benefits as green tea (the tea is used during the brewing process), which means it aids in weight loss aspects and keeps cholesterol in check.
  • It improves liver health by providing more antioxidants to the body.
  • Kombucha is known to protect against bacteria. They are known for their unique property of killing dangerous bacterias in the human system.
  • Kombucha is also widely known for its benefits, including reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

For these reasons, a kombucha tap system can be exceptionally beneficial for your business and the consumers, which means consumers will eventually prefer to go for this system over the traditional bottled servings. If you are a kombucha enthusiast looking forward to contacting a trustworthy draft kombucha team, you are on the right page. Contact our kombucha tap team, and we will help you with everything you need within the said time frame.