Kane's Draft Service

Milk On Tap- A Safe And Environmentally Friendly System

Nowadays, as more and more customers are considering opting for safe and environmentally friendly services and systems wherever they go, it makes sense for commercial businesses to opt for the same. And one way coffee shops have been able to adapt to a safe and environmentally friendly system is to hop on the milk on tap trend. The cafeteria milk dispenser method accomplishes many things by offering a healthy way to store the milk and a healthy way of serving the milk. 

A system that cares more for the environment means that this system is more environmentally conscious than any other method of storing milk. And we all know that milk cannot be left on shelves or counters and if not taken care of properly, the milk can spoil and pose a threat to your consumers. This is not only bad for your customers but will also cause a problem for your business’s reputation and bottom line.  By maintaining the temperature of your milk, you can ensure it lasts as long as possible, reducing waste.

Spoiled dairy can lead to food poisoning, which is a serious problem for your consumers. Your milk has to be kept in excellent conditions to keep it in a healthy state, so the milk on tap system is specially designed to keep the milk cold.  Just like when beer or Kombucha is stored in larger quantities but to be  delivered on tap, this system for milk is the same.  And this technology has been proven to be a more hygienic way of storing milk than any other process. So, with all these benefits, we always recommend you to go for the milk tap system.


A Milk Dispenser For Coffee Shop Restaurants

A milk dispenser will help you to reduce milk wastage and thereby prevent money wastage. Now, who doesn’t want this fantastic system for a coffee shop? A milk dispenser for coffee shop owners can provide the coffee shops with the benefits of efficiency and promote zero waste of the milk since the cafeteria milk dispenser delivers the exact volume of milk that the customer wants. The system will save a lot of money for the coffee shop and keep the shop from constantly cleaning the spillage of milk on countertops and refrigerators. 

Also, the milk dispenser will help the milk stay at a stable temperature which means less spoiled milk. This system also helps the coffee shop to reduce pollution by reducing truck delivery, milk cartons and dirty bottles. Hygiene standards are also taken good care of with this system, making  this technology a real winner. 

A milk dispenser for coffee shop owners is a game-changer! We recommend that any coffee shop go for this technology which will help their business function faster, cleaner and more profitable. With the benefits of this service, a milk tap is an option that all new shops must go for today. If your coffee shop needs this upgrade, call us now and we can walk you through the process. We will always put 100 percent into providing the best service and you can always rely on Kanes Draft Service for the same. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Condiment Dispensing

Eliminate product loss associated with handing out packets of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise to your customers!  With condiment dispensing, you can save on your product cost!  The dispensers allow for portion control, and can handle a variety of products – everything from BBQ sauce to fudge! 

Sauce dispenser pumps are a great addition to any food service business that relies on speed.  These systems can enable operators to serve more customers, which increases both sales and profits.