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Preventative Maintenance:

Maximize PROFIT

Minimize Waste

Our maintenance service is something we have been offering for years to our customers. When we realized the importance of this very service, we started putting 100 percent into the business to provide the most professional and affordable services to our clients. We have clients who have trusted us from the beginning and have been growing this service ever since, making us one of the top beer line cleaning pump service companies in the industry. 


The tap system industry keeps changing and evolving. And this will always keep our technicians on their toes, which we love about this industry. From the start, we have always promised to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends. We did this to keep ourselves going with the new tech and provide excellent services to our clients. The best commercial beer line installers and maintenance companies will always keep your needs as their top priority, and this means that we will always cater to make you happy and satisfied and will make sure your business always has the latest equipment in the industry.


This is why we are still in the business and why we will continue to be in the industry for the future to come. Outstanding service at the most competitive and economical price is a combo that wins every time. This winning combination has always helped our draft beer technician team to sustain and help our customers rely on us whenever needed.

Wine and Cocktail Tap line Cleaning Saves you Money

One of the greatest return for cost is achieved through regular and consistent line cleaning of your wine and cocktail tap systems.  Whether the run is short or long the lines should be cleaned quarterly, or with any change of product.  Every glass should taste exactly as the winemaker intended.

To clean one line, it costs on average (long draw and short) between $6 and $12 dollars.  Any purged wine might be seen as a waste, and a disruption to normal business.  BUT if it doesn’t happen, it ends up costing the business much more in the long run.  Lines provide an environment where spoilers can flourish, such as bacteria, yeast and mold.  Once they are in the line, they can make the wine or cocktail have an off-taste.  This bad flavor will be noticeable to your customers, and is most apparent in lighter vintages with subtle flavor profiles.  Those with more robust components and flavors will take longer to taste the effect, but all will be apparent eventually.  Once customers start to taste the odd flavor, they usually do one of four things:

  1. Not order another (stop drinking)
  2. Complain about their order, and demand an exchange or refund
  3. Switch to bottled or canned beverages
  4. Take their business elsewhere.

Draft sales will continue to decline each day that the line cleaning does not happen.  This is MUCH greater than the cost to actually maintain the lines according to industry standards.

For That Fresh Beer, Wine or Cocktails that your Customers Deserve!

What is the cause of a bad tasting tap beer and wine?  The most common answer to that question is lack of maintenance.  Either the lines are dirty, the temperature hasn’t been consistent, leading to spoilage or the mix equipment isn’t functioning as it should. 

Whether you choose Perlick or Micromatic systems, we are here to keep them running in their peak condition.  Maintaining the consistent and optimal temperatures, ensuring no leaks are present, and that the tanks are  dispensing high-quality product will guarantee that your customers are satisfied.  And satisfied customers bring friends and spread the word to others!   The sanitization of your equipment and the way it functions can definitely affect not only your customer satisfaction – but also your bottom line.  When your system breaks down due to deferred maintenance, you lose money and potential customers.    Our Preventative Maintenance program includes a front to back system check to include the following considerations:

  1. Cooler temps (actual) taken by tech on site manually.  Check of overall condition of system in cooler, jumper lines, air line.
  2. Keg temps (inside liquid).  A sample is pulled right out of the keg in cooler.  This is a liquid temp to ensure cooler temp is accurate.
  3. Trunk line (condition, make).  What make, how old, is it dry?  Wet? Taste of beer, spray foamed (both in cooler and at tower)
  4. Tower / Towers:  Firmly secure, calulked, base not broken, clean and neat appearance, tower connections (legs under tower) not wet
  5. Glycol unit / condenser clean, not clogged, glycol 33% or better (per refractometer test), pump & motor not grinding or making an unusual amount of noise, all glycol lines are properly insulated and glycol unit has the proper amount of liquid in it (not low or too full).  Glycol will slowly break down over time (turning to almost water) and needs to be totally changed about every 9-12 months depending on location and ambient temperature.  Most glycol units hold 3-4 gallons of glycol.
  6. Drip tray properly secure, properly caulked and drain is secure.  Not bent or broken.
  7. All air connection tested for leaks, sprayed with foaming agent, wall panels FOBs, keg couplers, all regulators (in and out of cooler) and system has the right air supply – blended or straight Co2.
  8. FOBs not sticking, properly draining, clean, and not missing any parts.
  9. Keg couplers properly secure to keg, all working parts are tight, with no leaks or broken handles.
  10. Faucets are properly secured to the tower, not loose, wobbly or leaking.

If you think bacteria, mold or yeast is infecting your system, give a quick call to our under bar equipment service team and get your questions answered. We will promise to provide the best tap cleaning service to your business. We are known for giving the best service to our customers, and will keep your tap sytems running for as long as possible so that you are always ready to serve.

McDantim is The System Your Business Needs

McDantim is a gas blending technology that dispenses beer by mixing CO2 and N2, which are used as blenders for long draw draft systems. Different types of McDantim blenders are created to suit the needs of the individual customers. Also, the blenders are simple in design and easy to install in any environment, be it a residential home or a commercial building like hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos. You can extend your draft beer selection and customize your blends with this technology. For example, you can opt for lower CO2 content Nitrogenated beers or German-style beers that have high CO2 content in them. Whatever you prefer, this technology is going to hand it to you perfectly. If you want us to install this technology, please let our tap cleaning service team know your needs. As one of the most reliable commercial beer line cleaning companies, we will work on all your business’s needs as soon as possible. 


We are just a phone call away, and all you need to do is call our draft cleaning services team to drop us your inquiries. We will be geared up to answer all your questions. We are looking forward to the conversation.