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How To Clean Kegerator Lines

How To Clean Kegerator Lines

Cleaning your kegerator lines can be messy but it’s necessary to keep them in good working condition. It will remove beer stone deposits, yeast, and bacteria.

To clean your lines, simply follow the instructions on the beer line cleaner you choose. Start by removing the faucet, coupler and washers from the keg tower and dropping them into a bucket of warm water mixed with the cleaner to soak.

Gravity Cleaning Kit

A gravity cleaning kit is the most economical way to keep your kegerator lines clean. It uses gravity to flow the cleaning solution through your system, exiting through your keg coupler. It comes with a bottle to prepare the cleaner and tubing that connects to your beer faucet. Place a bucket under the coupler probe to catch the cleaner solution.

Mix a recommended beer line cleaner with warm water. It’s important to use a beer line cleaner; vinegar or a baking soda solution will not be as effective.

Detach your kegerator draft lines from the coupler and soak them in the cleaning solution for about 15 minutes. Then, disconnect the beer line from the coupler and attach it to the recirculating pump. Run the cleaning solution through your kegerator lines until they are flushed. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Repeat this process as needed to maintain optimal beer quality.

Hand Pump Kit

A hand pump kit is a great option for small beer dispensing systems and for those who do not have access to a recirculating line cleaning pump. Simply connect the pump to the beer line coupler and fill it with cleaner. Pressurize the pump and run cleaner through your lines. The pump’s post disables the sprayer trigger so you can control the flow of cleaner. After using the pump, flush with potable water and discard the solution according to manufacturer instructions.

It is important to clean kegerator draft lines on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of yeast and bacteria, which can taint the taste of your beer. It is recommended that you clean your lines every two weeks or each time a new keg of beer is tapped. In addition to cleaning the lines, it is also necessary to properly sanitize the system before reassembly. This ensures that all components are free from contamination and ready for use.

Keg Cleaning Keg

Sometimes called a Washout Keg, this stainless steel device is the easiest way to clean a kegerator with lines hooked up. Just fill it with cleaning solution, attach a coupler like normal and open your tap. The keg washing solution is forced through your beer line to remove gunk and beer stone, keeping your draft system clean and fresh.

The cleaning keg has two d-system ports that fit most American ball lock keg couplers, so you can hook up your brewhouse beer lines directly to it. It is equipped with a handle and pressure relief valve for easy transport and storage.

Unlike caustic soda cleaners, this non-corrosive keg cleaning product uses iodine and a wetting agent to break down contamination and beer stone. The non-hazardous formula actually helps protect the metal and can cut down on scrubbing. This keg cleaning system does a purge, hot rinse, a cleaning cycle, three burst rinses and steam sanitizing to get your brewing equipment clean and ready for brew day.

Cleaning Solution

If you don’t clean your kegerator lines on a regular basis, you can start to experience off-flavors and clumps of yeast in your beer. This can also cause the beer to foam excessively and create waste that you need to discard.

The best way to keep your kegerator and tap system in top condition is to use a cleaning solution to flush the beer lines. There are many different types of cleaning solutions that are available, but the most important thing is to follow the instructions on the label.

It is recommended to use a cleaning solution that is powerful enough to remove mold, mildew, yeast and bacteria from the kegerator and tap lines, but not so strong that it leaves a residue and doesn’t rinse well. It’s also necessary to make sure that you disconnect your CO2 tank and the keg coupler prior to using the cleaner. This will alleviate any potential exposure to pressurized CO2. Once the cleaner is used, you can drain the kegerator lines into a bucket and rinse thoroughly.

Servicing your lines is an important task as well. Kanes Draft Service can handle all your repair and maintenance needs. Give us a call!