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Cocktail Draft System

Cocktail Draft System

With cocktails on tap, the bartender can focus more on interacting with customers and serving them drinks without having to spend time mixing each drink individually. This allows bars to serve more cocktails in a shorter amount of time, which is especially important during busy times. In addition, cocktails on tap can help to reduce labor costs.

The first step in putting cocktails on tap is to have the right equipment. This includes a keg that can be connected to the bar’s draft line as well as a specialized system to mix, store, and dispense the cocktails. Micro Matic offers a variety of options for both of these, including a self-propelled magnetic mixing base and several sizes of NSF-certified stainless steel Beverage Tanks. Then, you will need a selection of couplers to push gas into the tanks and dispense the cocktails from them. Large measuring containers and a simple scale will help to ensure consistency in batch cocktails while barriermaster flavorlock tubing will prevent CO2 loss to keep the drinks fresh.

Once you have the right equipment, it’s time to start planning your cocktail menu. Cocktails on draft perform best with recipes that are made of mostly solid ingredients and do not require much liquid. Classics like martinis and Manhattans are great choices for this type of setup, while more adventurous concoctions can also be served on draft.

In addition, it’s essential to select cocktail recipes that work with carbonation. This helps to maintain a balanced taste, and it also makes the drinks look and taste more authentic. Some cocktails that are already carbonated can be served on tap, but others may need to be chilled to ensure that they are at a proper temperature before being served.

Finally, it’s important to strain all cocktail mixtures that contain fruit juices or pulp before storing them in a keg. Otherwise, the fruit particles can clog the flow meter and hose of the tap. This is an additional step that can save a bartender several minutes per drink during busy service, and it can help to keep the drinks on tap tasting their best.

Whether you want to offer a handful of classic cocktails or an expansive list of modern creations, a cocktail draft system can make your operation more efficient and help you increase profits. Just be sure to choose the right equipment and select recipes that will work well with carbonation so that your guests can enjoy the full experience.

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