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10 Essentials of a Commercial Draft Beer System

10 Essentials of a Commercial Draft Beer System

Commercial Draft Beer System

When a business has a well-functioning, professional-looking draft beer system, it helps boost sales and fosters customer loyalty. There are many aspects to a draft beer system, and ensuring they all work together is the key to success. These key elements include keg storage, system maintenance, and a quality pour. By prioritizing these ten essentials, establishments can ensure their customers have a top-notch beer drinking experience.

Before installing a commercial draft beer system, businesses should prepare the location where it will be installed. This includes assessing the space and making sure there are electrical outlets and plumbing connections in place. Additionally, businesses should gather all of the necessary tools and equipment for installation.

There are different types of draft beer systems that can be purchased and installed at bars, restaurants, or other establishments that serve draft beer. Each system has different components, pricing, and installation procedures. The three most common commercial systems are direct draw, long draw, and air-cooled systems. Each of these systems has a different way of dispensing beer, but they all have the same goal of serving a perfect pour of draft beer.

Whether your establishment serves domestic or imported beers, a commercial draft beer system will make the experience of enjoying a cold beverage even more enjoyable for your guests. In addition to offering your guests a wide selection of beers, a commercial draft system will also help you maximize profits by eliminating waste and reducing operational costs.

The best choice of commercial beer system depends on your current setup, keg distance, and the types of beers you will serve. For example, if your kegs are in close proximity to the taps, then a direct draw system will be the most cost-effective option. This type of system has a short beer line, minimizing wasted beer from foaming.

A long draw system is an excellent option for larger establishments that serve a variety of draft beers. This type of system requires more expensive components, including a glycol power pack. However, it is an investment that can pay for itself in increased efficiency and reduced beer waste.

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